Even the most well managed Company can reach a plateau stage where the strategies and tactics that built the business no longer seem to work. Competition is fierce and the company just doesn’t seem to sparkle like it once did. Nothing you’ve tried seems to turn things around. What to do?

We can help. 12 Elements from experience that magazines work best when all parts of the are working together effectively.

12 Elements has combined over 80 years of experience in Entertainment and Marketing business (Music and Television, Branding) and we will provide consulting in number of different ways for your companies needs in Music, Television, Internet and other Digital Medias.

Our experts will take an objective look at your entire business. We’ll review your business plan, positioning strategy and competitive market. We we’ll identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that are strategically important. We’ll look for ways to cut costs, increase revenues and improve efficiency. At the end of the process, we’ll provide you with a detailed written report on our findings, with a recommended action plan for improving your business. If you want, we can then work with you and your staff to put this plan into action.